What You’ll Get

Customers will be able to place orders for your restaurant through OrderMeOneonta.com.

Using our interactive menu, customers can make detailed orders with little effort or confusion. They may pay by cash (on delivery or pickup) or by credit/debit card, through a secure Stripe checkout.
You can see the interactive menu in action at https://ordermeoneonta.com/demo

You will receive a printout of the customer’s order. The order info will include:

  • Items Ordered
    • Item Options
    • Special Requests
    • Price
  • Subtotal, Tax, Total
  • Tip on card
  • Exact time the order was placed
  • Customer’s Name, Address, Phone and Email
  • Order Number

What It Costs

When a customer orders through OrderMeOneonta.com, we take a percentage of that sale. See below for your options.
Our fee covers converting your menu to be on our site, maintenance and support, and development time.

Renting the printer unit covers all hardware and maintenance necessary to generate OrderMe printouts at your restaurant.
If you are comfortable taking orders on a computer or tablet, you may not need a printer unit.

Option 1
We take 4.5% (plus credit card fees, if applicable. see below)

Option 2: Tablet
We take 5.0% (plus credit card fees, if applicable. see below)

Option 3: Printer
We take 5.5% (plus credit card fees, if applicable. see below)

Credit Card Fees
Orders by credit card cost an additional 2.9% + .30 per order. Credit card purchases are securely processed by Stripe.



I already have my own online ordering system

We will list you on the front page of OrderMeOneonta.com. Customers will be linked through to your own online ordering system. This listing is available for a small monthly fee.

How will I get paid?

Orders paid by credit card will be automatically deposited in your bank account. We will need you to fill out a form with your business’ details before we can launch your restaurant. Orders paid by cash will go directly to you, and the OrderMe fee will be recorded for future collection.

What about credit card processing fees?

Credit card fees are part of our per-order fee. Orders paid by cash will not include the credit card fees.

Is the printer unit my responsibility?

No. All you have to do is keep it plugged in – we’ll handle the rest.

Can OrderMe do… ?

We developed Order Me Oneonta from the ground up and we are constantly making upgrades. If your restaurant has a special need not yet covered by our system, please let us know.